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A fully customized experience that is different for each and every guest that walks in the door. I determine which type of brow looks best with your facial and eye shape. After the best shape is determined, I apply wax to the unwanted stray hairs. I will also trim your hairs, so they lay correctly to build proper shape. We will also discuss the goals of your brows in this service and set up and action plan for you to reach your full brow potential.

Brow Shaping


Instructional service showing you how to fill in and shape your brows using pencils, highlighters and gels. This does not include wax, trimming and tweezing.

Brow Defining


Henna Brow & Wax


A temporary eyebrow coloring that lasts for 2-10 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks in the brow hair.

  • A natural alternative to eyebrow coloring
  • A great service if you are nervous about doing a permanent service
  • Products longer-lasting results than brow tint
  • The ingredients in henna can promote new brow growth

Powder Brow


The permanent process of lightly placing pigment into the skin with a hand held machine to look like powdered makeup. This service requires a consultation and takes 2-3 appointments.

  • Perfect for clients who are perfectionists
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • The pigment is dramatic to start, but heals to a beautiful, soft powdery look
  • Can be done subtle or dramatic depending on your preference
  • 1-5 year touchups will only be done when the pigment has faded 50%. Overlapping pigment too much can result in an undesirable color

Combo Brow


The permanent process of creating hairlike strokes in the front of the brow while filling in the middle to tail of the brow with powder. This service requires a consultation and takes 2-3 appointments.

  • This technique uses hair-like strokes in the front of the brow
  • Oily and aged thin skin are not ideal candidates for this service
  • This technique heals very soft and beautifully
  • Overlapping pigment too much can result in an undesirable color

Brow Tint & Wax


Eyebrow tint is a temporary service that lasts for one day on the skin and 2-4 weeks on the hair.

  • Perfect for guests who are happy with their eyebrow shape and do no require any other shaping
  • Pairs well with lamination service

Brow Lamination


Lamnination enhances the brows you already have by manipulating the way the hairs lay on the face with chemicals. This temporary service is almost like a perm for your eyebrows, and similar to the popular lash lift treatment.

  • This treatment goes well with brow tinting for a more enhanced look
  • Henna is NOT recommended with lamination because it can compromise the integrity of the brow
  • If you are wanting henna, you must wait at least 2 weeks after doing brow lamination
  • Lasts 8 weeks

$100 required non-refundable deposit for any permanent brow appointment, $30 of that deposit will be taken when you book appointment online.

Nano Machine Stroke Brow


Nano Brows are the permanent process of creating hair-like strokes in the skin with a machine. This process fills in scarce, thin brows for a thicker appearance. Nano uses a smaller needle than microblading. The smaller needle improves precision and accuracy. This results in a more natural looking brow. This service requires a consultation and takes 2-3 appointments.

  • This service is perfect for any skin type
  • The pigment lasts 1-5 years
  • Touch ups will only be done if pigment is 50% faded. Overlapping pigment too much can result in an undesirable color.

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A non-invasive skin treatment used to treat skin discolorations, scarring and wrinkles. This peel has powerful tyrosinase inhibitors known for results in treating, correcting and controlling pigmentation, wrinkles and acne. Ingredients in this peel provide unparalleled results in safe and controlled skin peeling.

15% TCA Peel


This advanced solution helps to oxygenate and detoxify congested skin while providing anti bacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties while reducing oil production.

Jessner Peel


A procedure that exfoliates the skin (or epidermis). In this service a scalpel glides across the skin removing the outermost layer of skin cells and hair from the face.



  • Benefits include: removal of fine, vellus hair that traps dirt, oil and makeup.
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Gradually reduces large pores
  • Creates a healthier more radiant appearance
  • Removes the top layer of dead skin
  • Triggers the cell regeneration process for continued results
  • Improves the appearance of acne scarring 
  • Creates smoothness
  • Increases absorption of topical products 
  • After the dermaplaning a treatment mask is applied and head massage is performed.

Adding dermaplaning to any facial.

+ Dermaplaning Add On


All facials include arm, hand, lower leg, foot, head, neck, face and décolleté massage.

A great way to start your skin on a new page. The oxygen treatment detoxifies your pores while pumping oxygen into your skin. This facial leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed with a healthy glow. Ideal for all skin types and pregnant women.

Oxygen Facial


An active peel with a super peptide hyaluronic anti aging masque to balance, firm and promote collagen rebuilding. This facial helps with prevention and correction of hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

Age Defying Facial


It is recommended to do 4-6 peels every 7-10 days with maintenance treatments once a month. Alternatively the course can be repeated every 3 months. You are also able to do 4-6 treatments every 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Single treatments are also available. Once your skin is analyzed and the skin issues you want to improve are discussed, the best procedure will be determined at your first appointment. A professional sunscreen and tyrosinase inhibitors are a must use with this treatment. If you do not currently have these products they will be recommended at your appointment.

Bio Re Peel Cl3


  • Treats acne scarring
  • Treats sun damage
  • Little to no downtime 
  • Treats rosacea
  • Treats melasma
  • Treats pigmentation

Formulated rich in acids, amino acids, and vitamins- BioRePeel goes to work to accelerate cell turnover and improve the surface of your skin with the biostimulating, revitalising and peeling actions for face, neck and décolleté. Benefits include:

  • Improved fine lines, wrinkles, texture and tone
  • Reduces appearance of large pores
  • Removes dead skin 
  • Helps saggy skin
  • Promotes luminosity to the skin

What makes this peel so great?

  • 35% TCA peel with zero down time
  • Painless with little to no peeling or flaking
  • Safe for all Fitzpatricks
  • No photosensitivity
  • Safe to do all year round
  • Stimulates fibroblasts encouraging collagen and elastin production and improve texture instantly
  • Dissolves bonds between skin cells to remove the top layer of skin to reveal the glowing smooth layer underneath
  • Revitalizes skin to create healthy skin formation
  • Excellent for acne prone, congested skin and skin with pigmentation and scarring 
  • Because of the extreme short downtime this peel is perfect for those with a busy schedule 


A hair removal method where hair is removed from the follicular roots for longer lasting results. Results last 4-6 weeks depending on the guest’s hair growth.

Lip Wax - upper lip wax removal


Chin Wax - lower lip and chin hair removal


Face Wax - eyebrow, lip, chin and cheek hair removal



Nose Wax - outer nose hair removal

Bikini Wax


Any hair outside the underwear line is removed. Removal of hair from the top and sides of the bikini line.

Brazilian Wax


Removal of hair from the front of the pubic bone, around labia, between the upper thighs and butt. Removal of all hair, front, back, sides and everything in between. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip if hair in the front.

Back Wax - removal of all back hair


Chest Wax - removal of all chest and stomach hair


Underarm Wax - removal of all underarm hair


Half Leg Wax - removal of hair from the knees to the toes


Full Leg Wax - removal of hair from the bikini line to the toes


Half Arm Wax - removal of hair from the elbow to the fingers


Full Arm Wax - removal of hair from the shoulders to the fingers


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