Attention to Detail

Customized Experience

I take the time to make sure the client is happy with the outline before I begin.

My facials are extremely relaxing and incorporate a fragrance my guest picks out.

Happy Customers

Best esthetician of La Crosse 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019 with continued repeat customers.

My beautiful mother is the reason I got into the brow game.

In 2007, my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 Ductal Cell Carcinoma Breast Cancer after she found the lump on her own. 

Even after the doctors felt the lump and knew it was there it was still never detected by a mammogram. (Do your monthly self checks ladies and gents!) *

My mother's diagnosis is the reason...

She underwent a lumpectomy to remove the mass. After the surgery we found out the cancer had spread to her lymphnodes, so chemothapy and radiation were a must. After going through 8 chemo sessions and 36 radiation treatments she was so excited for her hair to finally come back. I remember her telling me she would never complain about shaving her legs ever again!

Fast forward a few years my mom is still cancer free 🙌🏼, but one of the things that never came back were her eyebrows. This is what drew me into pursuing a different education to make her eyebrow dreams a reality.

Now I am a permanent makeup specialist who specializes in eyebrows. I live to make other people’s eyebrow dreams a reality. My ultimate goal is to be able to offer 3D areola tattooing for anyone who has lost their areola to breast reconstruction surgery.  So thanks mom, for going through all you did to make this a pure passion.

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Everlasting Microblading Course


Eau Claire Body Care powder brow class


Cecile’s brow bar advanced ombré powder brow class


Utah microblading advanced machine hair stroke class


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Dr. Desai graduated from Albany Medical College for medical school, and did his Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine residencies at the University of Florida, and recently completed his Obesity Medicine boards in 2023. He is double boarded in Emergency Medicine and Obesity Medicine. In his free time, Dr. Desai likes to exercise, walk his dog and cook healthy vegan meals.

Dr. Bobby Desai, Medical Director

Casey, powder brows

"Maggie Jo is the ultimate brow guru! Her process for powder brows is so precise and specifically tailored to compliment your facial features. I’m so in love with how my powder brows turned out! My morning routine is now such a breeze with not having to worry about my brows. I cannot thank Maggie Jo enough!!"

cassandra, facial

"I used to struggle really bad with acne, but thanks to Maggie Jo and her incredible knowledge on products and her amazing facials, I’ve never loved my skin more! I now make it a priority to get a facial every 6 weeks to keep my skin feeling amazing and to stay relaxed!"

Leslie, powder brow

“I first saw Maggie Jo a few years ago to get my brows touched up. I had previously had them done by someone else and wasn't truly happy with the shape or color. Maggie Jo worked with me to make sure they were exactly what I wanted. We ended up with a combination of microblading and powder brow, which really helped to give them structure and texture to keep them looking as natural as possible. I have now had two touch ups done with Maggie Jo and each time they look better and better. She is truly an artist and master at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have their brows done. You won't be disappointed!!”